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"Spooky Attractions" at Walt Disney World

"Seven Dwarfs Mine Train"

With Halloween being this Friday,I decided to make this weeks piece about all the Spooky Attractions you can experience at Magic Kingdom & Disneys Hollywood Studios. Many of these attractions have recently been enhanced with new technology & new surprises. Once you buy your tickets from www.parkguesttickets.com, you can begin to experience all these wonderful attractions that are sure to put you in the Halloween spirit!


"The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror"

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Based on an episode from the classic television series The Twilight Zone, you are taken back to the Hollywood Tower Hotel, where you experience a free fall down 13 stories. Opening in 1994, this 199 feettallattraction has been updated over the years to now feature unexpected drops. Originally you would only be dropped once, now you never know how many times or on what floor you will stop at when it does drop. Each time you ride the ride, it is a different experience.

The Great Movie Ride

'The Great Movie Ride"

My favorite Walt Disney World attraction is also an opening day attraction. The Great Movie Ride is what the idea of Disneys Hollywood Studios theme park came from. Originally designed as an attraction to be built at Epcot in the mid 1980s, the heads of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts expanded the idea of this attraction into an entire theme park. Ride through classic films such as Mary Poppins, Casablanca, Singin in the Rain & Raiders of the Lost Arc. You will also encounter 2 famous film villains along your journey into the movies. As your ride into the Nostromo Ship, you'll experience an attack from an Alien from Alien. When you enter Munchkinland, you'll have an unexpected encounter with The Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz.

"Star Tours"

Star Tours

Darth Vadar, Stormtroopers & many creatures from the Star Wars saga will come your way on an journey through a galaxy far, far away. The ride opened in 1990 & was recently redone in 2011 to now feature different experiences each time you ride. Now with 3D glasses & 54 different possible ride experiences, it is extremely rare that you'll experience the same ride twice.I can honestly say that every time I have rode the new version of "Star Tours, that I have never seen the same ride film twice.

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Maleficent, Jafar, Hades & many of your favorite Disney Villains will battle Mickey Mouse in a nighttime spectacular. This amazing show features dazzling lighting effects, film projected onto walls of water, smoke, fire. The highlight of the show is when Mickey battles Since it's debut in 1998, the show has recently gone through technical enhancements in the past few years to make it look & sound better than ever. This is one of my favorite shows at Walt Disney World & really gives you the "WOW" affect.

"Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage"

Also in Disneys Hollywood Studios, you can see other Disney Villains, like Gaston in Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage & Ursula in Voyage of the Little Mermaid. For an out of this world dining experience, you'll love the Sci-Fi Drive-in. Here, your table is a car & as you enjoy your meal, you can watch clips from classic black & white sci-fi films on a big drive in theater screen. Be sure to check out "Villains & Vogue" on Sunset Blvd.The shop features anarray of Disney Villains Merchandise & if you have a sweet tooth, they have a sweet shop as well with delectable treats.


The Haunted Mansion

New Scene in "The Haunted Mansion"

An opening day attraction, this ride continues to haunt guests with 999 happy haunts year after year. Ever since I was a kid, I was always very impressed by the ghosts in the ballroom scene. The ride was updated in 2007 to feature new special effects & even a new staircase mirror scene. In 2011, an interactive queue was added. Many of the Disney theme parks rides are now receiving interactive queues. I love this idea, because as a kid, it was always so boring waiting in line. Now the kids are entertained with hands on games to play, while in line. This classic attraction will definitely put you in the Halloween spirit.

"Pirates of the Caribbean"

Pirates of the Caribbean

Youll have a pirates life for me, as you travel down a waterfall and into a village of rowdy pirates on this classic attraction. In 2006, 3 animatronics of Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp ) we're added in different places of the village, as well as one of Captain Barbossa on the pirate ship. The Ghost of Davy Jones was added in a waterfall mist during the 1st scene of the ride. In 2011, reflections of mermaids swimming past the boats you travel in we're added.

"Peter Pan's Flight"

Also in Magic Kingdom, you can see other Disney Villains, like The Evil Queen/Witch in Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Ursula in Under the Sea Journey of The Little Mermaid & Captain Hook in Peter Pans Flight. An exciting restaurant to eat in is Gastons Tavern. Opening in 2012, as part of the New Fantasyland, guests will feel as they stepped into Gastons local hangout from Beauty and the Beast. Being a counter service style restaurant, it's a great place to grab a quick snack. The tavern looks exactly the same as it does in the film, with antlers all over the place, animal heads on the wall, Gastons beer skin chair & the portrait of himself. Unlike in the film however, no beer is served, but they do have Lefous Brew. Its frozen apple juice, with a hint of toasted marshmallow & topped with all-natural passion fruit-mango foam. If you like apples, like myself, you will love this chilled out drink.

"The Great Movie Ride"

Let All Guest Services plan your Walt Disney World vacation in advance & you can experience all these spooky attractions. The only thing you have to do is enjoy the fun & share a memorable moment with the ones you love. To start your Disney experience, start by purchasing your tickets.

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