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Forecast for Ski Season 2011/2012

It's certainly very early days to be accurately prediction snow depth and weather conditions for the forthcoming ski season but that doesn't stop us trying!

Here are our predictions for what the new season has in store please don't hold us responsible if they lead to disappointment!

Bulgaria will see another year of growth.

In 2010 the ski resort on Bansko in Bulgaria saw record profits, and while the law is quite restrictive holding back thedevelopmentof the resort, it's seen growth recently. The 2010 season also started poorly due to the warm weather limiting the amount of snow available hopefully 2011/2012 can bring better weather (see snow predictions further down).

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Skiers won't be put off by the 'worst season for years'

The 2010 ski season did see warm temperatures and a shortage of snow for many European resorts. Some fear that this would put skiers off booking this year.Admittedly there may be some impact, but skiers are an enthusiastic bunch and one seasonal blip won't put them off. Some may have skipped booking a holiday last year putting their hopes in the 2011 season, so we could see an early volume of bookings from people who's last time on the slopes was 2009. Also there may be a shift in booking behaviour, as holiday makers stung last year look into higher altitude resorts where snow is more likely to occur.

La Nina offers a promise of a colder season

Colder meaning more snow though the 'La Nina' excuse seems to be used every year to forecast all kind of weather conditions. According to our sources, La Nina will bring a cold winter in the northern hemisphere.

The US and Canada will see a ton of snow, as usual.

Apparently, La Nina helped our the USA see record snowfall and low temperatures last year, and it's sticking around.

But I thought last year the UK saw loads of snow?

It did, and it should do this year too so if you don't get away you should still keep your ski's handy and start researching hills in your local area!

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