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I've often talked about "my army"

I've often talked about "my army" - those people who are in your life who support you in many ways. We're constantly building out army, our support crew who encourage us, love us and care for us. It might be your partner, our friends, training buddies, sponsors, medical practitioners, family. I'm blessed to have so many in my life, here in Melbourne and around the globe.

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Yesterday I had a long run home so I am able to get my double rides in on the weekend. I made the most of it with the afternoon sunshine and the sea by my side but somewhere around the 17km mark, naturally I was tiring. Not so much from the run itself but possibly the accumulation of training, the working week and just general fatigue. With music on, I thought I heard some cheering. Sure enough, Luke had run all the way from home to come and meet me to "bring you home". He's the major in my army. For sure. I was just what I needed as I was able to enoy the remainder of my run with a smile ad a negative split. You see, for myself life is far more enjoyable and precious with these people and the sport of triathlon is easier with an army.

Today I am grateful for love, Friday, pot luck lunches, Autumn days, tomato soup.

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