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A place worthy of it's own exploration

But, Orange County commoners are not the nature sought-after here, just past the Carbon Canyon Dam, a landmark seemingly out of place, worthy of it's own exploration, lays the Redwood grove.

Immediately following entry, an abrupt change of climate is noted, as the parched heat of California summer is replaced by dewy moisture--the 80 woodland giants that comprise the grove create an impenetrable barrier, which the morning water has no chance of escape.

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The trees here are just over 33 years old, donated to the park in 1975; but already, the surrounding ground is thick with Redwood mulch and glimpses of off-shooting saplings, developing under the shadow of their predecessors.

Quail, bobcats and coyotes have been known to frequent the grove on occasion, perhaps taking in the unfamiliar surroundings alongside park visitors.

Though the canopy of the 10 acre patch of forest is still developing, it too overflows with vibrant life.

The branches of the Redwoods are filled with the varying songs of more than 15 different species of birds including: two types of finches, orioles, jays, bluebirds, Red Tailed Hawks and even the occasional woodpecker.

The overall feeling is one of unruffled calm, a welcoming location for self-reflection in an otherwise hectic locale.

The Redwood grove is the perfect setting for an escape from any day, to enjoy the gifts of nature that are otherwise foreign to Orange County or simply to take peace in some place new, with the distinct advantage of being only minutes from home, just in the city of Brea.

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