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Rogers Hornsby Leads Cardinals In Blowout Win

June 2, 1926 at Wrigley Field

The Cardinals got back on track in their series finale with a blowout win over the Cubs. The Cardinals jumped out to a 6-3 lead with six runs in the second inning, but over the next four innings, the Cubs tied the game up. Then in the final three frames, the Cardinals opened the game up and scored eight runs, including five in the eighth, to take the game.

Rogers Hornsby got the job done at the plate. He went two for four with a homerun and three runs. Les Bell had three hits and Ray Blades, Taylor Douthit and Tommy Thevenow all scored twice.

Eddie Dyer got the start but he only went 1 1/3 innings. Jesse Haines pitched the rest of the game and he picked up the win. He gave up three runs on six hits and three walks with two strikeouts.

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