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The figurines quest in WW (and actually the searching for the Triforce...

The figurines quest in WW (and actually the searching for the Triforce peices while we're at it) felt like a cynical attempt to lengthen the play time. I actually enjoyed collecting the Golden Skulltullas in Oot, but never did get the final heart in LttP. It's strange, that sometimes I enjoy collecting and other times not at all. As Spikerman mentioned, the fact that the only reward you actually get from collecting everything is self satisfaction is maybe a big reason in why it sometimes frustrates me. I was very annoyed when I found every piece of treasure in WW (as in collected every map, got them translated by that rip-off merchant Tingle, searched for the location etc.) and it didn't change a damn thing. I don't know what I expected, but I was disappointed nonetheless.

I hope TP avoids this kind of 'collecting quest' mindset (kinstones/figurings/Triforce pieces etc) that has been apparent in the last few games. Leave that for the Pokemon games, not Zelda.

  • Many thanks should go to SR Architecture who basically gave me the seed idea for this posting in an message they sent to me. Looking at their website they look like an amazing Hamilton based residential architect in the event that anyone's curious.

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http://friendlygiantmaintenance.ca - Glad I ran across these guys.
http://www.famediamonds.com - Thanks a ton for the late-night work Stanley 🙂
https://www.interiortech.com - Amongst my top picks.

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