• Black Bear Hunt
    Black Bear

  • Moose Trophy Hunt

    Moose Trophy

  • Grizzly Bear Hunt

    Grizzly Bear
  • Mountain Goat Hunt
    Mountain Goat

  • Wolf Hunt

  • Wolf Hunt


is a Premier Hunting Outfit located in British Columbia Canada. We provide one of kind, all-inclusive guided tours and hunts for trophy animals including Horseback, black bear hunting, moose hunting, mountain goat hunting, fishing and more.

Black Bear Hunting
Black Bear Hunting

British Columbia has ¼ of all black bears in Canada and over 50% of Canada’s Grizzly Bears. It is very common to see at least 8-10 black bear a day, which is over 40 black bear during your 5-day hunt. We are 100% on first tag and 100% opportunity on the second tag. Mature bears will average 6 to 7 feet nose to tail, weighing 300-500lbs.

Trophy Moose Hunting
Moose Hunting

With our ideal moose habitat, we harvest antlered moose with an average rack of 55 inches. Moose in this area have fantastic genetics – huge antler size as well as monstrous body size. We cater to any style of hunting preference as well as hunting ability. Our exclusive million-acre area consists of big willow flats, 14 lakes, numerous creeks and the headwaters of some major rivers. Our camp rotation puts minimal pressure on a remote location every 3 years; we rest parts of our area to provide maximum growth for all species, thus resulting in huge trophies.

Grizzly Bear Hunting
Grizzly Bear Hunting

Hunting a Mountain Grizzly is easily the most exhilarating hunt; these animals are unpredictable and highly adaptable. This animal is one of the greatest trophies a person can achieve in their hunting life. Our method is spot and stalk. During the last few years, we have been 100% opportunity on our spring and fall grizzly hunts. Multi-species grizzly hunts are available and are recommended on a grizzly hunt.

Mountain Goat Hunting
Mountain Goat Hunting

90% of Canada’s Mountain Goat population resides in British Columbia; we have exclusive guiding rights to this monstrous population. Average horn length is 9.5 inches with many taken over 10 inches with good heavy bases. 2014 we were 100% harvest. We offer several options for harvesting a Mountain Goat. Fly-In/Horseback hunts are generally the most requested. The basic rule for goat hunting is the greater the effort the greater the trophy.

Wolf Hunting
Wolf Hunting

Timber Wolves also known as the Grey Wolf are plentiful in our exclusive hunting area; these animals are intelligent carnivores and are highly adaptable. Colors vary from jet black to snow white; we have harvested wolves with gray, cream, blonde, and brown color variations. B.C. wolves weigh between 40-80kgs, wolves that feed on large ungulates show it in size. Wolves can be 2 meters nose to tail and possibly 1 meter high at their shoulders. You can add a wolf tag to any hunt; we do not charge a trophy fee on a harvested wolf.

Fishing Trip
Fishing Trip

Fly-fish or spin cast for some great fresh water fish including rainbow trout, lake trout, bull trout, dolly varden, walleye, northern pike and arctic grayling. Fish the many lakes – 14 actually – that our exclusive area has to offer. The headwaters of the Omineca River also reside in our million-acre area. Omineca meaning ‘slow moving water’ offers fantastic fishing in the many back channels & log jams. Access to many of our lakes is only available through chartered floatplane or horseback.

Why choose us?

  • Family Run And Owner Operated
  • Breathtaking Scenery In The World Famous
    Rocky Mountains
  • Over One Million Acres Of Pristine Hunting
    Wilderness At Your Fingertips
  • Professional Operation With High Service Level
  • Fantastic Genetics For World Class Trophies
  • Massive Canadian Bull Moose
  • Remote Wilderness Experience – True Wilderness
    Horseback Hunts
  • Excellent Guides, Cooks, Wranglers
  • Rested Hunting Areas, It’s Like You’re Hunting Virgin
  • Very Little Resident Hunting Pressure
  • No Over Crowding Of Camps
  • One On One Hunts

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