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Fehr Game Outfitters is owned and operated by Jonathan and Tawnie Fehr along with their three children Dustyn, Danica, and Huntr.

Operating a guide outfitting business isn’t something you just decide to do, you’re born with the desire and willingness to share something that is a natural instinct to man – the hunt. Most people hunt for sustenance and pleasure, therefore, keeping your best hunting spots a secret is the key to success and/or survival. But for an outfitter, you must be willing to share these secrets. You must also love the life style, the hard work and the sheer determination it takes to make every single person want to come back time after time. A successful outfitter will bring back the same client again and again.

Your Success is Our Success

Jonny and Tawnie have been involved in the outfitting industry most of their lives.

Jonny has been hunting/fishing/trapping since he was old enough to crawl. Sneaking out to go hunting before his mother woke him for church was a regular occurrence in their household. Jonny has guided and harvested all big game animals this country has to offer. He’s worked for numerous outfitters throughout Canada. He’s one of the most truthful, honest men you’ll ever meet in your life. This man doesn’t just dream it, he lives it!

Tawnie has also been apart of the outfitting business since she was very young. Her parents outfitted in northern Alberta for many years while she was in grade school. Whether she was helping with the chores, helping in the kitchen, tagging along on the hunt or just listening to all the hunters tell their versions of that day’s events, she can honestly say that she knew someday she’d also be an Outfitter. Tawnie has worked for numerous outfitters throughout the industry, either wrangling, guiding, or cooking. She currently runs a small catering business as a hobby. Her heavenly meals will guarantee that you go home a little heavier than when you arrived.

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