Black Bear Hunting

100% Opportunity on every hunt!

Congratulations on inquiring about the Spring Black Bear hunt; you will be amazed at the abundance and size of our black bear population; it is very common to see at least 2-4 black bear a day, which is over 20 black bear during your 5-day hunt. During our Spring 2016 and 2017 seasons we were 100% harvest on first tag and 100% opportunity on the 2nd tag.  2018 seen 100% opportunity.

Average Weight 300-500 Pounds.

Bears emerge from their dens in search of food around mid-April; these well-furred bears can range in color from blonde, cinnamon, chocolate or jet-black…you take your pick. Mature bears will average 6 to 7 feet nose to tail, weighing 300-500 lbs. The lush woods, remote logging blocks and high population of moose give plenty for the bears to eat and grow to an impressive size. There is limited resident hunting pressure.

If time permits, there is a variety of other activities to pursue; wildlife observation, fishing, and wolf hunting are exciting additions to this thrilling adventure. Our area has a large population of wolves.

1/4 of all Black Bears in Canada reside in British Columbia, Canada.

The hunting territory is located 120 miles northwest of Fort St. James, British Columbia, Canada. Because the area is so vast (1100 square miles) we are able to “rest” certain parts for several years, it’s like we’re hunting virgin areas all of the time. British Columbia has ¼ of all black bears in Canada and over half of all grizzly bears. The hunting territory includes the headwaters of the Omineca River; this is deep in the heart of the world-famous Rocky Mountains. We will pick you up in Prince George, British Columbia and expedite you the 6-hour drive to the remote hunting camp. Your hunt will commence that evening, we will visit one of the many logging slashes via pickup where we will spot and stalk your trophy black bear. Take your first with a rifle and second with a bow.

Great Opportunity for that Trophy Bear.

This is a wilderness hunt where baiting is prohibited because grizzlies are present; our spot and stalk method will keep you begging for more. By only having 2-4 hunters per hunt, we allow a hunter access to more bears with minimal hunting pressure, resulting in a great opportunity at that trophy bear.

Basecamp is accessible by 4×4 vehicles only; it is located on the shore of a small lake. This camp is a tent camp, you stay warm and dry. These comfortable wall tents include wood stoves and ample room for four people.

Experience remote trails, comfortable lodging, and enormous game. Enjoy a memorable and exhilarating bear hunting adventure in northern Canada with Fehr Game Outfitters.

What you get while hunting with Fehr Game Outfitters:

  • A fantastic opportunity to harvest a 300-500 lb black bear, possibly with record book skull.
  • Numerous locations where 6 to 7-foot bears are average.
  • Great Genetics For Color Phase Bears
  • A Very High Bear Population – Where Seeing 40-60 Bear In 1 Week Is Common
  • 2 Bear Option
  • The Most Experienced Guides
  • Family Run / Owner Guided Hunts
  • No Over Crowding Of Camps

Types of Hunts

  • 4×4 Vehicle/Backpack

Black Bear Hunt cost $3500

  • 2020 hunt cost $4,500.00
  • 2nd Black Bear $1000, ($500 payable to hunt 2nd bear, an additional $500 when the animal is harvested)
  • Wolf $50

Please review the Hunting Contract for what is included in hunt price. Hunt Price does not include fees for hunting licenses and tags, chartered float plane on fly-in hunts, taxes, non-resident hunting preservation fund, etc. Contact us for a free estimate on total cost.

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