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  • Can I hunt multiple species of animals at the same time?
    Yes, during any hunt you may hunt as many species as you feel able and that are legally open for harvest. Our area has such a vast habitat that you are able to see 5-6 different species within just a few miles. Licenses for species are pre-arranged, trophy fees are payable on the first day of the hunt and are reimbursed if unsuccessful.
  • Can I choose what method of hunting I prefer – backpack, horseback, or other?
    Yes, your interest is our top priority. The Fly-In Backpack hunt is probably the toughest we offer, but the size of trophy harvested usually makes all your hard work worth it. Horseback hunts are our biggest seller as the horses can get you fairly close to that trophy so there is minimal hiking required. 4×4 vehicle hunts are also available and are generally used on the spring hunts and on the last few hunts, as the weather does not permit us to be flying. Your guide will suggest whatever mode of transportation will give you the highest chances of success.
  • What are the physical requirements for your hunts?
    Generally speaking, the better shape you are in the higher your chances of success are. If you let us know before hand that you just will not be able to sustain a rigorous hunt we can plan to hunt the easier areas. We all have limitations and our staff will make every effort possible to help you harvest that trophy animal.
  • What are the camps like?
    That totally depends on what you’re hunting, when and the weather. We have two locations with log cabins available – the main lodge with numerous hunter cabins, guide shack, tack shed. There are numerous locations that use wall tents with a small wood stove and cots. Due to the remoteness of our area, we can best describe our camps as ‘rustic’ however all camps are comfortable and well maintained. Backpack hunts are very primitive and will consist of small two-man tents.
  • What is the average distance for a shot?
    When hunting with rifle – the average shot distance is 200-300 yards. Remember it is more important to be accurate than have the “optimal” caliber of weapon. Always consider the range of the weapon you will be using. The 300 magnum class calibers are our favorites. They have good distance while maintaining killing power. We recommend 170-200 grain bullets.
  • How many hunters will be in camp at one time?
    We generally only take 4 hunters during spring hunts and 2 max on fall hunts. Your ratio is 1 guide to 1 hunter on fall hunts and 2:1 on spring black bear hunts. We separate our clients as much as possible so they will not see another hunter while hunting. You may share the same base camp but will not run into each other during the day. You may, however, run into a BC resident hunter; they have hunting access to all crown land in BC. Our area is very remote and this is not common.
  • What is the weather like?

    Below is a link to historical data for the Fort St. James area.


    Be prepared for large amounts of rain in September/October followed by some amounts of snow in October.

  • How far ahead can you book?
    We book hunts up to 3 years in advance. By booking early you lock in the current price. We generally review our prices every December.
  • Can you provide references?
    We would be happy to provide you with references to call or email.

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