Grizzly Bear Hunting

Not Available at this time. Please call regarding a Grizzly Hunt, regulation has changed in B.C. as of November 1st, 2017. We are no longer able to hunt the Grizzly Bear.

Trophy Grizzly Bear Hunting in British Columbia, Canada.

Hunting a Mountain Grizzly is easily the most exhilarating hunt; these animals are unpredictable and highly adaptable. This animal is one of the greatest trophies a person can achieve in their hunting life.

What you get while hunting with Fehr Game Outfitters:

  • World Class Mountain Grizzly Hunt
  • One Of The Greatest Trophies Offered In North America
  • Family Run/Owner Guided Hunts
  • No Over Crowding Of Camps
  • The Most Experienced Guides
  • High Service Level
  • One On One Attention From Your Exclusive Guide

Types of Hunts

  • Backpack
  • Horseback
  • 4×4 Vehicle

Grizzly Hunt cost $15,000

  • Moose $4000 – Fall Hunt Only
  • Mountain Goat $4000 – Fall Hunt Only
  • Caribou $2000- Fall Hunt Only
  • Black Bear $1000
  • Wolf $50

Spring Hunts are 14 days in length and are 1 on 1, beginning mid-May. Fall Hunts are 10 days in length and are 1 on 1, beginning September 1st.

Trophy Fee not included in above grizzly base price. Be sure to book early, there are only two tags/per year. The sooner you book the better chance you have at securing your selected date.

Please review the Hunting Contract for what is included in hunt price. Hunt Price does not include fees for hunting licenses and tags, chartered float plane on fly-in hunts, taxes, non-resident hunting preservation fund, etc. Contact Us for free Estimate on total cost.

One of the Highest Concentrations of Grizzly Bear
in British Columbia.

Grizzly bears are generally found in the high country above timberlines in the interiors of partially forested areas. Male grizzlies emerge from their winter dens in late March or early April. At tree line, the snow generally lies heavy at this time of year, but south-facing slopes are usually bare. Here the bears turn over the soil to get at roots, and new sweet shoots of grass. The grizzly bear hunt in BC is heavily regulated, with a focus on population management. We pride ourselves in only harvesting two Mountain Grizzly per year. In this particular Management Unit area, we help to manage and sustain one of the highest concentrations of Grizzly Bear in British Columbia. One of the benefits of this high number of bears is the opportunity you receive when deciding on which color phase is your favourite; blonde, red, brown, near black or silver-tipped, the color choices are endless. On certain years it is possible to see up to a dozen bears at one time feeding on the mountainside.

Average Weight 500-800 Pounds.

This massive animal is a formidable predator and is at the top of the food chain, they grow to an impressive size due to the unlimited amount of food in this area. With huge ungulates, nearby fish habitat and an endless supply of spring, summer and fall berries we’ve take seven to nine-foot trophies, these bears can weigh anywhere from 500 – 800 pounds and average 3 ½ feet at the shoulder. Spring bear offers a denser, thicker, longer coat with sharper claws. In the fall, the bears are at their heaviest.

Personal Service to Each Client.

Any level of hunting ability is offered. Our method is spot and stalk (NO BAIT). These hunts are either backpack, horseback or vehicle based and are offered at a 1:1 hunter/guide ratio unless otherwise requested. We are committed to providing top quality trophy hunts with personal service to each client. This World Class Mountain Grizzly Hunt can be combined to include moose, goat, caribou, and black bear. The black bear population has exploded in the last few years, seeing 8-10 black bear a day is typical during the spring hunt.

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