Trophy Moose Hunting

Trophy Moose Hunting in British Columbia, Canada.

British Columbia is known for its vast moose population. The largest animal in the deer family and one of North America’s largest mammals thrive in this remote area; with our ideal moose habitat, we harvest antlered moose with an average rack of 50+ inches. Moose in this area have fantastic genetics – huge antler size as well as monstrous body size.

What you get while hunting with Fehr Game Outfitters:

  • Giant Canadian Trophy Bull Moose
  • No Over Crowding of Camps
  • We Concentrate On Bulls Over 50”!
  • Family Run/Owner Guided Hunts
  • The Most Experienced Guides
  • High Service Level
  • One On One Attention From Your Exclusive Guide

Types of Hunts

  • Fly-In Horseback
  • Fly-In Lake & River Boat
  • Drive-In Lake & River Boat

Moose Hunt Please Call for Current Prices 

  • Add Ons –
    • Mountain Goat
    • Black Bear
    • Wolf

Contact us for a free estimate on total cost.

Ride on Horseback to Our Camps on Remote Lakes.

All of our camps are set up on remote lakes; we access these lakes via floatplane or horseback. We can accommodate any style of hunting preference or hunting ability. The bigger the effort the bigger the trophy, and we can guarantee you that we will invest 110% into harvesting you that trophy bull moose. A combination of natural salt licks, logging blocks and small lakes provide a choice of hunting methods.

Resident Pressure is Almost Non-Existent Making
for the Perfect Hunt.

Bow hunters should take advantage of the fall rut, these monstrous animals rut between late September and mid-October, calling these animals to within 10 yards’ is very common and is an adrenaline rush you won’t soon forget. Our guides are masters at this type of moose hunting and they all speak fluent ‘moose’. A trophy bull moose will put itself in harm’s way every time if he believes there’s a cow moose close by. It is so remote that resident pressure is almost non-existent.

Hunt Exclusive areas all the time with the Perfect Vantage Point.

Our moose hunts are horseback hunts. These hunts take you to the most remote areas of our territory; most of these valleys haven’t seen a person in 10 or more years. Our experienced guides have spent hour’s trail cutting and scouting the perfect vantage point for you to glass and pick your trophy. These camps will be tent camps; you stay warm and dry in our spacious wood heated wall tents. Hunting a mountain goat while on this type of moose hunt will treat you to a true alpine adventure.

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